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Network Administration/Monitoring

IT support is considered to be mostly reactive in nature, but network monitoring is the proactive core of IT support services. LinkServ will constantly watch over your systems, guard against potential risks and allow for a rapid response when potential problems can be identified.

Our Server Check team uses both automated and manual tools to keep a remote watchful eye on your systems. They are therefore able to quickly identify issues, monitor for threats and weaknesses, and keep your network up-to-date with patches and upgrades to make sure it always runs at an optimum level.

Speed of response is essential when you wish to minimize the effects of any IT support issues. Network monitoring offers your business the opportunity to react to issues quickly and efficiently, but also to act as your early-warning alert and proactively deal with potential problems before they arise.

As with all of our support services, network monitoring can be used independently, in combination with any of our other IT support services, or as part of our total service package, Managed Support.


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